A few additional projects by Steam Engineering, Inc. for Wood Products clients:

  • Boise Cascade - Florien, Louisiana: Improved boiler efficiency and increased condensate return from 73% to 93%
  • Columbia Forest Products - Craigsville, West Virginia: Increased boiler efficiency, new boiler controls, increased condensate return from 70% to 90%
  • Georgia Pacific - Corrigan, Texas: Designed high temperature feed water system, improved condensate return, boiler controls
  • Georgia Pacific - Philomath, Oregon: Increased boiler capacity to 40,000 lbs/hr. Dry kiln, gas fired
  • International Paper Company - Camden, Texas: New boiler controls, improved condensate return, upgrade hot press performance
  • International Paper Company - New Boston, Texas: Increased boiler capacity from 60,000 lbs/hr to 70,000 lbs/hr; increased condensate return from 80% to 93%
  • Martco - Oakdale, Louisiana: Combustion evaluation, and combustion control adjustments
  • New South Companies - Conway, South Carolina: Designed high temperature feed water, improved condensate return, and new boiler control system
  • Rosboro Forest Products - Springfield, Oregon: Boiler control, improved condensate return, induced draft fans emission primary collectors, negotiate air permits
  • SDS Lumber Company - Bingen, Washington: Boiler controls, improved condensate return, emission reduction, increased cogeneration
  • Simpson Lumber Company - Korbel, California: Increased boiler capacity from 15,000 to 24,000 lbs/hr, new boiler controls, negotiated air permits, and evaluated impact of new Boiler MACT rules
  • Temple Inland - Diboll, Texas: Designed high temperature feed water, improved condensate return, boiler control adjustments
  • West Linn Paper - West Linn, Oregon: U.S. Department of Energy steam system evaluation, feed water economizers, cascade condensate recovery

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