Our Water Treatment Services

Boiler Water Treatment

Whether your plant operates gas-fired, wood-burning or oil-fired boilers, Steam Engineering has the experience and know-how to increase the efficiency of your steam system. That can mean vastly improved condensate return, often with less chemical usage. We've saved companies like yours as much as 30% of their energy and water costs by combining water treatment with our unique engineering skills to increase your steam system's performance. We incorporate makeup water pretreatment, efficient treatment programs and automated chemical treatment systems whenever that makes sense.

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Refrigeration / Cooling Tower Treatment

Over the past 30 years, Steam Engineering has greatly improved the efficiency of cooling systems in many companies like yours, resulting in significant water savings and optimal performance. Our technicians and engineers have extensive experience with all types of refrigeration: closed loop, open recirculating, once-through, geothermal, and process cooling systems.

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Wastewater Treatment

Steam Engineering understands the wastewater treatment challenges facing companies and local municipalities. Our mission is to help you save water, energy and sewer costs, find ways to reduce your wastewater, and assist with local and federal regulation compliance. We offer a team of specialists to analyze your situation and find the right solutions for your particular situation.

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Laboratory Services and Testing

Many large and small water treatment companies only provide field testing of treated water systems. We at Steam Engineering know that accuracy is the first step to steam system efficiency; therefore, we use both in-house and an outside certified laboratory to assist in the chemical and mineral / metallurgical analysis.

We back up our monthly field tests of treated water systems with laboratory analyses to provide you with an accurate water treatment quality control check on a monthly basis.

Our laboratories are also used for deposit analyses and corrosion analyses.

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Chemical Reduction Plans

We continually monitor your steam system for ways to improve its performance. As part of that goal, we look for ways to reduce your chemical usage whenever possible. Sometimes this involves a mechanical solution to increase efficiency; other times, we may be able to reduce chemicals through automation or another innovative approach.

Automation of Chemical Treatment

Automated feed and control systems are more precise, less wasteful, safer, and more environmentally friendly. Operator contact with the chemicals is minimized, helping prevent potential safety hazards. Find out more.