Food & Beverage Processing

Here are highlights of a few recent projects for clients in the Food & Beverage industry.

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  • Darigold (Westfarm Foods) - Portland, Oregon: Reduced natural gas boiler usage by 25%: from 7K to 5.2K therms per day; reduced boiler water treatment chemicals by 30%
  • Pacific Natural Foods - Portland, Oregon: U.S. Department of Energy steam assessment, heat recovery improvements, steam metering, and full condensing economizer
  • Simplot Foods - Heyburn, Idaho: Designed and engineered a high temperature feed water system that increased the rate of condensate return and resulted in operation with two boilers instead of previous three
  • Washington Potato - Warden, Washington: Designed new steam system, negotiated air permits, reduced fuel costs 10%, and reduced chemical treatment costs 70%
  • Williamette Egg - Canby, Oregon: Energy grant assessment, new efficient steam boiler, direct fired hot water heater, heat recovery project
  • Yamasa - Salem, Oregon: Energy grant assessment, new boiler controls, and full condensing economizer

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